Hello, Iā€™m Emi šŸ‘‹.
A product designer fascinated by technology and its potential to do good in the world.

iOS and Android

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Sr. Product Designer
Product Design & Strategy
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Conversational AI Chatbot

Strong workplace productivity is essential and is particularly critical for remote or hybrid teams. Moveworks is an an enterprise AI unicorn in the Bay Area that offers "instant" help at work for IT, HR, Finance and other work related issues by leveraging conversational AI chatbots.

My work was directly involved with the development and refinement of the core conversational product which constituted launching and executing several large and small projects including the pivotal Ā multi-lingual support - which enabled the AI chatbot to handle employee issues in multiple different languages.
Product Designer
Product Design & Strategy
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Royal Bank of Canada
Web, Desktop App and Mobile

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is a Canadian multinational financial services company and the largest banking institution in Canada in terms of both market cap and employee size. The bank serves over 16 million clients and employs over 86,000+ individuals globally. I was fortunate enough to work as a senior product designer under multiple teams across DevOps & Automation, Innovation lab, and the Auto Finance divisions.

The nature of the work is confidential, however, if you would like to learn more about my time and experience at RBC, please feel free to reach out.
Sr. Product Designer
User Experience & Visual Design
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Marketplace, Homecare, iOS

uCarenet helps senior citizens age well in the comfort of their own homes. It helps alleviate the stress of taking care of their own needs through the help of a consolidated home care management application.

I was responsible for leading primary field research, designing the healthcare iOS application, establishing branding elements and interaction patterns as part of the Applied Research and Innovation Lab at George Brown College in collaboration with their industry partner, uCarenet, a Canadian startup.
Researcher & UX Designer
User Research
Interaction Design
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Selected Work